Monday, 29 May 2017

Treated 6mm Birch Plywood Shingle Off Cut Cladding Shelter Experiment

Treated 6mm Birch Plywood Shingle was screwed to 2m Plastic Door edge strip (DES) horizontal battons. 42mm & 75mm drywall screws were used (no extra glue)

The off cuts were donated from a local fencing co. that also make rabbit hutches, from which these off cuts arose

Off cuts were dipped in decking / fencing preserver, so a few 'tide marks' are present.
This was done to get more preserver deeper into the wood .

We wait to see how it weathers & it will hopefully make our first prototype shelter more attractive (still going strong after 2.3 yrs)

More off cut cladding picture variations to come 

Some off cuts have been donated to Woodcraft to Wellness Chester

Close up

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  1. I read your Topic but I have a question about metal roof and shingle, my own experience was that the metal roof much noise. I installed metal roof over the old shingle roof last year, but still, that first Spring, it seemed SO LOUD! We adjusted quickly, though, and now I think it is a comforting, “homey” sound.If we talk about
    commercial roofing the contractor in all likelihood prefer metal roofing knowing that the loudness is the draw back of metal roof but it may alterable


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