Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Experiment to Insert Water Pipe into Insulation of Kingspan Metal Skin Sandwich Panel For Heating & Cooling

Into the side of a 80mm thick panel, I drilled 4 holes with a 1m long masonary bit in a drill.

It was difficult to keep such a long drill bit drilling straight and it moved toward the inside of the panel (see 2 dent marks from inside panel).

The aim ws to have the holes close to the ridged outside metal sheet, so that heat could be drawn away from the metal sheet surface. 

Quite a lot of dust / debris from foam produced

Before pipe was woven through holes, grooves were cut with a craft knife into foam. This was so pipe could lay flush, allowing panels to be normally joined together

Normal hosepipe was used for this experiment, a allen key head bolt was inserted into hose pipe to make it easier to thread through holes


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