Monday, 14 December 2015

Wood Framed Hexayurt Inspired Featherweight Panel (3.5-5kg) 

I did a bit of research on the excellent HEXAYURT shelter. A masterpiece of simplicity from  Vinay Gupta the Inventor  . He has some very informative videos. on a wide range of subjects.

Inspired by a posive email reply from Vinay, I thought I would have a go at a featherweight panel using other offcuts from the door factory (Rough prototype 1 in pic ).

Off cuts are from the inside of a specialist panel.  Weight is 3.5-5kg, as panel  / mdf  width varies

 I did a 1 yr outside test where panel was exposed to all weathers . Aparet from a few mm swelling of mdf edge , the panel was fine. A edge coating of paint might stop this.

The outer frame is 30mm thick & 1800mm +/-  high . Composite with outer skin of plastic both sides, then 6mm or 9mm mdf, polystrene or rigid foam core.

The cross bracing  is single sking plastic approx 3mm, a door side off cut, strong in tension.

I have put 3 screws in corners, but would like use small bolts & washers. The cross strips will extend a bit at bottom,  as well as top to attach roof panels, and for ground tethering.   

The shelter is designed to be covered in fabric or a tarp. 

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