Thursday, 31 December 2015

Due to the current Uk flooding crisis, we are testing our pontoon, walking board & flood door prototypes (see early pics) .

We are in contact with various orgs, aiming to supply our prototypes for further testing.

Thanks to Alan who provided at low cost, 9000 new Hilti collated screws to cabinz project, We'll be using these on the flood defences


Thanks again to Phil for letting us use his lake & field for testing.

Initial testing of door window cut outs pontoons is promising.

The seams, rigidisation  & wood effect on grp surface appear to provide a slip resistant surface when wet.

Each pontoon takes approx. 100kg of weight, 135mm thick ( 3 doors ) & aprx 1sq m. they will likey have metalclad beam strengthening on sides . Explanantion here

They will be likley be bolted together with 20-24mm metal bolts,  with tyre rubber  / plastic off cut edging  between them to stop wear due to  movement in water.

They may have walking boards on top (see below) , made from door edge off cuts (grp / plastic core) 

Commercial pontoons appear to be around £170 a sq m

Walking Boards

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